Daniel Crane Sporting Art
Daniel Crane Sporting Art

About Daniel Crane

 Daniel Crane, one of the UK’s leading sporting artists, was born in Norfolk in 1969; as the youngest son of a farming family he has always been surrounded by animals and the countryside and has grown up with a respect and love for both.
 From an early age he had a keen interest in fieldsports, but in his late teens he was gripped by foxhunting with such a passion, that this sport has become such a major part of his life where he has held the position of amateur whipper-in to Master & Field Master. Daniel, as a consequence understands all aspects of hunting from “kennels to covertside”, this is so evident in his paintings which embrace wholly his passion for hunting, horses and hounds.
 He has hunted with numerous packs in the UK, a regular with the Brocklesby and the Belvoir, & is greatly honoured to be in the Mastership of the Scarteen Hunt (Black and Tans), arguably the most iconic pack of hounds in the World. Daniel has also hunted in America with Mr Stewart’s Cheshire Foxhounds.
Daniel hunting in Ireland
Daniel also has a superb eye for a quality horse, and nothing amuses him more than finding a quality hunter in the raw in the fields of Ireland and producing them slowly for both the hunting field & occasionally the show ring.
Daniel Crane with the Household Cavalry
A recent diversion to Daniel’s portfolio includes the wonderful opportunity to have been chosen to be the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment’s Resident Artist, a post he obtained just prior to the Royal Wedding & still has today. His Royal Collection contains some wonderful, historic & iconic scenes of London, the Royal family & the Household Cavalry on State Occasion. Many of these paintings were sold successfully raising significant funds for the Household Cavalry Foundation. The Official painting of the Diamond Jubilee, commissioned by the Officers of the regiment, hangs in the Officer’s Mess at the Knightsbridge Barracks. He was also chosen to paint the greatest racehorse of all time, Frankel, and the World & Olympic Dressage Champion, Valegro for the 130th Anniversary Edition of Horse & Hound to mention a couple of his many prestigious commissions.
Daniel continues to strongly support hunting and helps to raise funds for both the Hunt Servants Benefit Society and the Countryside Alliance, predominantly through the sales of his popular Christmas Cards and frequent donations to Auctions up and down the country.

He is a keen shot, loves fine wine, good food and the company of friends, and lives in Lincolnshire with his wife, Ali, four black Labradors & an eclectic collection of the best loved & most painted hunters in all England.

A word from the Artist:
"Is there anything better than the music and theatre of a pack of hounds exploding from covert across country and that daunting excitement, coupled with the feel of an honest, brave campaigner bowling you into your fences? Or the smell of a freshly harvested corn field on a damp, clear, early Autumn morning with the spontaneity and anticipation of what the coming few hours might bring? Or the pent up excitement of the first draw from the Opening Meet? To capture the atmosphere of a quiet stable scene at home after a blistering day, that wonderful bond between man and horse, born from personal experience, which tells so many tales; the bond between huntsman and hound; it is my constant challenge to inspire you all and reproduce all those feelings through my collection of paintings..."

Daniel Crane

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